Celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Have a piñata.- Make tortillas. Mix approximately 2 teaspoons of Masa Harina with about 2 teaspoons water in a ziploc bag. When it is well mixed, make patties and cook on a griddle.

Plan menus for Camporee and make Kaper Charts.

Go shopping for Camporee food according to the menus and shopping lists prepared by the girls.

Make SWAPS for Camporee if that is being planned this year. SWAPS are small items that can be pinned to a hat. Each girl should make about 10 or 12 to share. Call a team member to get ideas for fun, easy, and inexpensive items to make.

Have balloon rocket races and make different kinds of gliders. Cut a piece of yarn or string to about 6 feet in length. Insert the string through a drinking straw. Attach ends of string to stable objects such as chair backs, etc. Push straw to one end of the string. Roll a small piece of masking tape, sticky side out. Attach one side of tape to the straw. Have a girl blow up a balloon. While holding the closed end, have the girl attach the balloon to the tape with the open end toward her. She then lets go the the end and the other end will propel itself to the end of the straw.

Make Air pictures. Place a small amount of poster paint on a piece of paper and blow the paint with a drinking straw.

Practice singing camp songs.

Go to Camporee! Camping is a highlight for the girls, and there is no easier way for the leaders to do it than to attend Camporee. Don’t forget that at least one adult must attend Outdoor Training.

Walk to a local park and play some rowdy outdoor games. Or, go to where there is a par course and do those activities. Get silly and loud.

Make your own puzzles by drawing a picture on a piece of poster board. Cut it up into small shapes (specify the number of pieces based on age and ability.) Trade puzzles and try to put them back together.

Have a Bike Rally. You might be able to arrange for the Juvenile Officer from your local police department to come and talk to the girls about the rules of the road and safety rules. The girls would also have a chance to license their bikes. Decorate the bikes with crepe paper streamers. Set up some cones to ride in and out of. Practice hand signals.

Plan a Court of Awards ceremony and some entertainment. Remember that the ceremony doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. The most meaningful ceremonies are planned by the girls!

May 1 is May Day in England. Celebrate with any kind of flower craft or activity, or have a maypole.

Memorial Day is celebrated in May. Take part in decorating the graves with flags at the National Cemetery.

Spin Yarns. Take pieces of yarn in various colors and lengths. Tie the pieces together and roll into a ball. Let each girl tell a story as she unwinds the ball until she reaches a knot. Hand the ball to the next girl and let her continue the story.

Make ‘Me Dolls” . Outline girl on a doubled piece of butcher paper. Cut out both pieces of paper together. Color facial features, hair etc. or make yarn hair. Stuff with balls of newspaper and staple around edges. Depending on the age of the girls, they may need quite a bit of help getting the stuffing and stapling done. Have the girls dress their doll in their favorite outfit and have a fashion show. Invite the parents, and serve refreshments.

A simpler project would be to make a “Paper Doll Autobiography”. Cut out doll shaped pieces of heavy construction paper. Have the girls cut out pictures from magazines and glue them onto the poster. Let each girl have a chance to share what she chose to include and why.

Try making a color wheel. Let the girls experiment with mixing different colors of paint. Or, make Rainbow Stew. Mix 1/3 cup sugar and 1 cup cornstarch. Add 4 cups cold water. Heat until it begins to thicken, stirring constantly. Cool. Divide the mixture into three containers and add food coloring to each container in the primary colors. Add three heaping tablespoons of each color to a heavy-duty sealable bag. Seal the bag and tape it closed. Have each girl knead the bag, mixing the colors into a rainbow stew. Hang the finished stew on a wire stretched over the window so everyone can enjoy the creations.

Be a clown. Create clown costumes, paint faces, practice mime, develop a clown walk try juggling, or group juggling (all girls stand in a circle. A sock ball is thrown from one person to another across the circle in the same order every time. Once the ball is going smoothly, add more balls in the same order until the group has several going smoothly.) Make up clown routines.

Learn about flower arranging and have a troop display for parents or another troop.

Learn some basic needlework, knitting, or crocheting and do a project.

Make a troop banner with girls’ handprints and signatures. Bring to Camporee.

Blow Bubbles! Just use the store-bought kind or make your own: 3 tbsp. glycerin, 3 tbsp. Dawn liquid dishwashing soap, 1 cup warm water, a pinch of sugar. Mix with egg beater. Use the store bubble wands or make some with thin wire. Try differently shaped wands. Or cut slits about 1/2” long into the end of a drinking straw.

Learn how to take a pulse. Do some experiments with heart rate, such as taking a pulse before and after jumping up and down for two minutes. If you wrap a goldfish very carefully in a wet cotton ball, you can see the blood circulating through the tail with a microscope. Be sure to only do this for very short periods at a time!

Have a magic show! There are books at the library or check out the kids’ magic kits at toy stores. Let each girl perform a trick, and take your show on the road to a preschool, a children’s hospital or a children’s shelter.

Make bird feeders. Roll a pinecone in peanut butter and then bird seed and hang in a tree. Or, try building a wooden house. There are lots of kits available - check out the Boy Scout Shop (check the phone book for the one nearest you.)

Make candles. You can make sand candles by making a depression in wet sand, ice candles by pouring in wax into a small milk carton and adding ice cubes in with the wax, beeswax candles, or tie wicks to a stick and repeatedly dip into the melted wax. (You can tie several wicks to one stick.) Keep in mind that it takes a long time to melt wax! Be careful! Wax can get very hot and can burn easily. When you melt the wax, make sure you use a double boiler or a water bath. Wax placed in a container right over the heat can be very unstable and dangerous.