Have a ‘Silly Party’ to celebrate April Fools Day. Call the girls prior to the party and tell them to wear whatever they have on at that moment (a ‘come as you are’ idea.) Have everyone bring something ‘different’ to share as as the food part of the party. Then, exchange presents - a totally useless/tacky item from around the house, wrapped beautifully. Play goofy games and sing silly songs.

Take a walk and notice all the spring-time changes. Don’t forget to take a trash bag with you to pick up any trash you find along the way.

Learn about Flag Etiquette - the proper way to display, fold, and salute the flag. Practice having a flag ceremony. If possible, perform a flag ceremony at your local city council meeting, school board meeting, or other community event. Learn about the history of the flag.

Celebrate Earth Day. Talk about recycling, cutting up six-pack rings, waste from fast food, etc. Bury different waste products (lettuce, apple, plastic, paper, Styrofoam). Plan to dig them up in six weeks, and again in six months.

Make recycled paper. Tear up paper and put in water in a bowl to soften. (You can add a small amount of colored paper to color your finished product. Put softened paper in blender, pour out onto open section of newspaper. Put a piece of window screen over it and squeeze out excess water with a board. Let dry for several hours.

Make invitations to Court of Awards ceremony on the recycled paper.

Make “Food Chains” - paper chains starting with one thing and each ring is something that eats that thing. Play some nature games.

Make travel sit-upons for bringing to Camporee. Decorate a square of fabric with markers, laminate with clear contact paper. The sit-upon can be folded and carried in a pocket.

Have a troop overnight in the backyard.

Walk to a nearby park and have the girls make a map of the park. Have each girl hide a piece of candy and mark the spot on her map with an ‘X’. Let the girls swap maps and find her ‘treasure’.

Practice setting up a tent and rolling a sleeping bag. Have a relay race rolling sleeping bags.

Play ‘Kim’s Game’ with camping equipment: have a bunch of camping equipment and let the girls look at it. After a couple of minutes, cover all the items and have the girls write down as many things as they can remember. Talk about the uses of each item. Have the girls brainstorm a list of personal equipment needed to take camping. Brainstorm a list of troop and cooking equipment needed. Plan menus and prepare shopping lists.

Talk about fire safety and practice fire building skills with edible fires. Have the girls tie back hair and check for clothing that may dangle into the fire. Give out paper napkins (fire circle) and clear with fork (rake). Make woodpile by stacking wood according to size (coconut-tinder, pretzels-kindling, and tootsie rolls-fuel.) Fill cup with beverage (water bucket) and have a straw (poker.) Check for wind direction (back should be to wind.) Add two “mini-handfuls” of coconut-tinder. Make an ‘A’ with kindling in center of fire circle. Place red-hot (firestarter) under top bar of ‘A’. Put candy corn (match) on fire starter to light fire. Add more candy corn (flames) and add more kindling and tootsie rolls (fuel.) Put flames out by sprinkling from fire bucket (sip.) Eat everything so you leave a clean fire circle.

Practice fire escape routes in your troop meeting place, home and school. Practice using alternate escape routes, in case exit is blocked. Know first aid for burns - submerge burned area in cool water. NEVER use butter or grease on burns. Cover the blister with sterile gauze. Do NOT break the blister. SMOTHER the flames by rolling person in the dirt or covering with a blanket if clothing catches fire.

Collect small flowers and press them between heavy books. At your next meeting, make bookmarks for Mother’s Day. Cut two pieces of clear contact paper, arrange pressed flowers with thin ribbon around the edges. Punch hole with paper punch and string with additional thin ribbon. Trim contact paper with pinking shears.

Make wrapping paper with tiny potato prints to wrap Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts with.

April 6 is North Pole Day, a celebration of Arctic and Antarctic wilderness. Do some activities with magnets, discovering polarity. Learn how to use a compass. There are lots of compass games available.

April 7 is World Health Day. Is there a service project your troop could become involved with that promotes good health? Perhaps you could hold a drive to collect hygiene products to send to people in need. Tuck toiletries such as soaps, shampoos, razors, toothbrushes, tooth paste, face cloths, etc. into a pair of new socks and tie with a ribbon. Perhaps you could even include gift certificates for fast food chains as well. Donate to a homeless shelter.

April 14 is National Dolphin Day, in remembrance of all sea creatures. Take part in a beach clean-up or learn about sea creatures. Eat goldfish crackers and do a craft with fish. Make fish prints by painting a fish and pressing it onto paper. If you use pretty paper, these can be strangely beautiful. Try mixing complimentary colors a little bit, like yellow and red or blue and green.

Celebrate Spring! Decorate a pot with rubberstamps or paint and plant a pretty flower. fold the paper from short side to short side. Take a pipe cleaner and wrap it around the middle of the flower. Carefully open up each individual piece of paper and watch the flower bloom! If you want to get fancy, you can cut the ends of the paper after it is folded in a semi-circle, a point, or fringe for a carnation effect. Make butterflies with tissue paper twisted in the middle with a pipe cleaner or an old-fashioned clothespin.

Have a Mother/Daughter game day at a local park. You could have teams of Moms and girls taking part in different activities like three-legged races, egg toss, etc.

Learn how to do Morse code or semaphore code.

Collect toys or books for a children’s shelter. Or, put together a “Party in a Box” with nonperishable snacks and bag drinks, decorations and party bags, as well as a birthday gift for that child. Also include directions for several party games.

Initiate a book swap. Check out the Patch programs from Council on literacy.

Learn some simple facts about women scientists. Then put the name of one scientist on the back of each girl and let her go ask yes/no questions to figure out who she is. Only one question asked of each person!