Going On a Bear Hunt

(Echo each verse)

Going on a bear hunt
I'm not afraid
Look what's up ahead

1 . A gate
Can't go over it
Can't go under it
Canít go around it
Gotta go through it
Make noise (ererererer)

(Repeat above with each of the following lines)
2. A corn field (push motion, swish)
3. A stream (splash, splash)
4. A windy tunnel (blow wind)
5. A hill (climb and pant)
6. A swamp (suction w/feet)
7. A Cave
Can't go over it, etc.
Can't go under it
Can't go around it
Gotta go in it
(Creep in motion)
itís cold in here
It's dark in here
I feel something
It' s furry .
It's warm
It' s moving
Itís a bear"'....."

(Do all motions in reverse.)