Camp Song
(tune: I Don't Want No More of Army Life)


The ice cream that they give you
They say is very fine,
But when you go to eat it,
It tastes like turpentine.

Oh I don't want to go to Girl Scout
Gee Mom, I wanna go
But they won't let me go,
Gee Mom, I wanna go home.

The bathrooms...
But when you go to use them
you need the 4O9.

The donuts...
But one rolled off the table,
And killed a friend of mine.

The leaders...
But when they take their makeup off,
they look like Frankenstein.

First Aiders...
No matter what ails you,
they treat it . with iodine.

The tents... .
if they don't fall on you,
they leak all the time.