Adam & Eve
(tune: Dem Bones)

(CHORUS) [Repeat after each verse]
I know it, know it, indeed I know it Brother, I
know it, WHEE - Dem bones gonna rise again.

1. Lord, he thought he'd make a man
Dem bones gonna rise again.
So he took a bit of water and he took a bit of sand.
Dem bones gonna rise again.

2. Adam, he was. mighty blue
Didn't know quite what to do.

3. So the Lord he took a rib from Adam's side
And He made Miss Eve to be his bride.

4. Put them in a garden fair. .
thought they'd be most happy there. .

5. Apples, peaches, pears, and such
But of this tree you must not touch.

6. Around this tree old Satan slunk
And at Miss Eve he wunk.

7. Miss Eve these apples are mighty fine.
Just take one, the Lord won't mind.

B. So she took a pick and she took a pull
And then she filled her fig leaf full.

9. Next day when the Lord cam 'round
He spied them cores all over the ground.

10. Adam, who these cores did leave.?
Tweren't me Lord, 'spect 'twas Eve.

11. Adam you must leave this place
And earn your keep by the sweat of your face.

12. So he took a pick and he took a plow
And that's why we're all working now.

13. That's the end, there ain't no more.
Eve got the apple and Adam got the core.