Out Door Food Progression

There are many types of food, cooked and uncooked, that are part of outdoor fun. From the first outdoor lunch with nothing to cook, through the first steps in cooking, and progressing to the stage where all parts of the meal are prepared and cooked out.
Here's how to get started. Be proficient at each level before moving on to the next.

Fireless Foods - Start with a nosebag lunch. No cooking but good planning and good packing. Progress to desserts, salads, and main dishes.

One-Pot Cooking - Start with soup or hot chocolate to go with nosebag lunch. Progress to one-pot main dish.

Stick Cooking - Each individual cooks their own. Begin with toast or marshmallows. Progress to kabobs and bread twists which take more time and patience.

Tin Can Stoves or Vagabond Stoves - Girls cook individually or in pairs.

Cooking Without Utensils - Aluminum foil is popular but you can also cook in orange shells, roast potatoes or corn or even cook in a paper bag.

Cardboard Boa Oven - Good for biscuit cakes and individual pizzas.

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