Jungle Breakfast - For Campouts

Jungle Breakfast Preparation Method: No Cooking

Serves: as many as you prepare for

Non-Food Items Needed: sandwich size plastic baggies, string

Food Items Needed: Individual cereal boxes
breakfast pastries (small donuts, pop tarts, etc.)
fresh fruit (bananas, apples, oranges)
milk (to go with the cereal)

At Home Prep: None

In Camp Prep / Cooking Instructions: Items that need to be separated for better distribution (breakfast pastries) are placed in plastic baggies.

Food items are "hidden" in the trees and shrubbery near the camp site.  String is used to tie fruit and baggies off of branches. The troop is assembled in the dining area, grace is said, the troop is instructed to find their breakfast. For example, each girl is to find 1 box of cereal, 1 bag of pastries, and 1 fruit item. Serving Suggestions: Have their place settings set up before the breakfast search.

The hunt could be just for fun or to teach trail signs. The girls have to follow trails signs to find the different parts of their breakfast.




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