Cat Eyes Hike

The cat's eye hike is a strange and mysterious quest after the big cat. It is a night hike, and you definitely do best to do it with a buddy (or your whole troop!)


Cut cat's-eye shapes from red reflective tape and apply them to index cards. Each index card will also contain one of the following verses. Post the cards on trees, rocks, etc within a designated area. Send groups of girls with flashlights to find the cat's eyes. At the end of the trail is hidden a surprise like a special snack. Caution the girls to remain together, and be careful of hidden dangers on a night trail like rocks, stumps, ditches, etc. Place the cards so you can see only one more set of cat's eyes from the location of one set. You can also post blank cards with just eyes (or different color eyes) and tell the girls to only follow the true cat eyes. Not recommend for Brownies or young Juniors.

The verses:

1. There's a wild cat here that roams in the night
Howling and prowling with eyes shining bright.

2. Only the strong and the daring can go
Out in the black where the cat's eyes glow.

3. Follow the cats eyes like a flare!
Follow him on, if you can, if you dare!

4. First look to the left, then look to the right
There are the bright eyes, that shine in the night.

5. Look at the eyes that glimmer and beckon
Just how big is that cat, how big do you reckon?

6. Upward and onward now, follow that cat
Don't lose your way through the night - wild and black!

7. Be careful now, watch where you put your feet!
Wild cats around - just love human meat!

8. Upon a fence post, on a big stone
Search for that wild cat - but don't go alone.

9. Is he behind that rock or up in that tree?
You are blind at night - but the cats can see.

10. The cat is wild and a wild cat is mean
Take care - he's the wildest cat ever seen.

11. Listen now, hear that cat's spine tingling growl,
Oh boy he sounds hungry and he's on the prowl!

12. The night is dark and you're far from home.
You're on the cats land - known by him alone.

13. Do you see the white eyes? Now follow them up
Go find that wild cat and his treasure cup!