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Being a Girl Scout leader is a very rewarding job, but without the proper training it can be a little scary.  The best place to start your training is with your council or service team.  Each group has specially trained trainers who will give you Getting Started training specialized for your area.  You should also get a leader book (not the age level Leader Guide, a book  for all leaders in your area) that will give you ideas, answers and better understanding of what you are doing.  After you have had your getting started training, you should take age level training.  In this training you will learn a bit about the age level characteristics of the girls you will be working with, get some great ideas and maybe even take home some handouts.  These trainings are not to be missed, they are essential for every leader.

Once you have taken all of your trainings from your council or service team representative you may still have some questions or need some more ideas; that's where we come in.  It is the goal of this website to give leaders valuable tools that are not offered through the standard council trainings or through the GSUSA printed material.  If you have any questions about being a leader, or need some ideas I would suggest joining one of the groups I have listed on the homepage or you can email me directly and I will help you however I can.