Q: How do I save a PDF file to my computer?

A:  To save the file without opening it, right click on the link and select "Save Target As".  This will save the file directly to your computer.  If you are saving after opening the file, use the Save command from the pull down File menu.


Q:  I want to open a PDF file but my computer locks up or won't open it, what do I do?

A: For PDF files, you need to download adobe reader.  This can be done free at www.adobe.com.  If you have an older version of adobe reader, all the PDF files on this CD may not open properly.  You can get the most current version for free at the adobe site.  Some PDF files are large and can take a while to open using a slower computer.


Q: I don't have Microsoft Word on my computer, how do I access the word documents?

A: The Microsoft website offers a Word Viewer.  Visit www.microsoft.com and visit the downloads area; there you can search for "word viewer" and find what you are looking for.


Q: I want to change a form that has been created in Word, but it seems locked.

A:  Most likely, it is.  When creating forms I have locked a lot of them to prevent accidental deletion of important information.  These forms have been designed so that the user can print the form and write in information in.  If you wish to unlock a form, select "Unprotect Document" from the Tools pull down menu.