Items needed: A small rock.
The girls sit in a circle close enough to easily hold hands. One person stands in the middle and tries to find the rock. One girl starts with the rock in one hand and everyone in the circle does the movements and sings the song.

The movements: To the beat of the song, with closed fists, hit your hands together, then hit them to the hands of the girls on each side of you. Repeat this passing the rock to each other when you get it without the person in the middle figuring out who has it.

The song:
Rock Rock, how I wander,
from one hand in to the other,
is it fair? Is it fair?
To keep poor ??? standing there. (fill in the ??? with the girl's name in the middle)

This game takes lots of practice passing that rock without being seen, as you only have one beat of the music to do it in!