Elves, Giants and Wizards

This game is based on the same concept as rock, paper, scissors.  In this game; Elves beat Wizards (they can run through their legs)  Giants beat Elves (they stomp on their heads) Wizards beat Giants (because they are smarter) The group needs to be split into 2 groups.  Each group needs to choose one of these signs.  The two teams come face to face in parallel lines about 2 meters apart.  Both groups will yell, "Elves, Giants, Wizards,.........."(chosen sign goes here).  The side that won chases the other team back to their home and tries to tag them.  The players that are touched must join the other team.  The object is to get everyone on your team.  The actions are; ELVES- swat low to the ground and put one finger to either side of your head like little pointed ears. GIANTS- stand up on your tip toes and stretch your arms high over your head WIZARDS- turn body 90o to the left. Stretch right arm out in front and put left hand by     left shoulder.  Wiggle your fingers like you are casting a spell. If both teams do the same sign, it is a tie. (go pick again!)