Elephant, Giraffe, Palm Tree

Form a circle with one person in the middle. The middle person will point to an individual and the person pointed to along with the persons on each side will have to form what was called out. ELEPHANT- Middle person (one pointed to) will form an elephant trunk by putting arms straight in front of you crossed at the wrists. Persons on each side will form the ears of the elephant by bending toward middle person, cupping around the mouth with hands as if whispering to the middle person. GIRAFFE- Person pointed to raise arms above head, arms extended fingers closed. Side people will grab middle ones waist bending over. PALM TREE- Middle person raise arms above head in "Y" formation, fingers open. Side people do the same but lean toward outside, away from the middle person. The object of the game is to try to keep changing all the time. The game has to be played quickly. As soon as an object is formed, the person in the middle of the circle has to point to someone else.