Before telling the story, take a banana (not too ripe), and using a long needle, such as a needlepoint needle, and push the needle through the fruit of the banana all the way to the other side and move it back and forth, making a cut in the fruit, but not the skin. Do this every inch down the banana, making the holes under each other so that they can be easily hidden by keeping that side towards you! Then put a smile face on using a black marker.

Tell this story to the girls:
This is Anna Banana, a new girl in our troop. She wants me to tell you a story of what happened to her last year. She went to a new school, and for some reason, kids made fun of her. They said mean, hurtful things like you look different from us, we don't want to play with you. You dress differently than we do, so we don't like you. This hurt Anna Banana's feelings, but she didn't let anyone know it. See how she is smiling? She always smiled no matter how she was feeling inside. But she wants to show YOU how she felt. (Start peeling the banana, the fruit will fall into slices. - Explain to the girls that even though someone may look like hurtful words don't hurt them, they are probably falling apart on the inside.