Crafty Recipes for Kids
We used Creative Clay for making our mummy project

Clays and Dough

Apple Cinnamon Dough
Baker's Clay
Bread Dough
Chocolate Scented Dough
Cinnamon Cookie Potpourri
Cloud Fun Dough
Colored Play Dough
Cookie Clay
Corn Starch Clay
Cotton Clay
Creative Clay
Creative Dough
Edible Fun Dough
Frosting Dough
Gem and Jewel Clay
Java Dough
Kool Aid Play Dough
Model Clay
Modeling Clay
Oatmeal Fun Dough
Paper Clay
Peanut Butter Play Dough
Peanutty Play Dough
Plastic Dough
Play Dough
Saw Dust Dough
Simple Play Dough
Snow Dough

Paints and Glues

Almost Oil Paint
Body Paints
Clown Make Up
Colored Glue
Condensed Milk Paint
Edible Finger Paint
Egg Dye
Egg Yolk Paint
Face Paint
Face Paint (big batch)
Finger Paints
Flour Finger Paints
Liquid Starch Finger Paint
Paste 1
Paste 2
Poster Paint
Pudding Paint
Puff Paint
Quick Dry Paint
Scented Paint
Scratch & Sniff Paint
Scratch & Sniff Watercolors
Sidewalk Paint
Simple Finger Paints
Water Colors
Waterproof Glass Glue


Bubble Bath Jelly
Bubble Blowing Solution
Bubbles Solution
Clean Mud
Drizzle Goo
Egg Shell Chalk
Flavored Lip Gloss

Forever Flowers
Giant Bubble Liquid
Goofy Putty
Invisible Writing
Lots O' Lint Smoosh
Sidewalk Chalk
Silly Putty
Silly Slime
Soap Crayon 1
Soap Crayon 2

The Glob
Tornado in a Bottle
Whipped Snow