Bubble Blowing Solution


2 cups clean warm water
6 Tablespoons glycerin
6 Tablespoons liquid dishwashing detergent
A dash of sugar


Dissolve the sugar into the water then add the dishwashing soap.  Store the bubble solution in a sealable container such as a soda bottle or mayonnaise jar.  Dispense the solution into a flat container, like a plastic plate or pie tin, for easy use.  Blow bubbles using just about anything you can think of to make bubbles -- plastic straws, thumb-and-forefingers, cut out paper cups, old cloths hangers... be creative! 

* Be sure to use liquid dishwashing soap, like Dawn, and not Automatic Dishwashing Machine

** Glycerin works better than sugar to help stabilize the blown bubbles and gives a shiny
appearance. Glycerin can be found in most pharmacies.

Note: This solution is safe for plants. Liquid soap shouldn't contain phosphates and is okay for grass and other vegetation.

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