Are you ready for cookie season 2012?  I'm not sure I am either, but I'm working my tail off to get some great ideas before cookie season gets into full swing.  This our our service unit is hosting two (yes, two) events to prepare for cookie season.  In December we are having a Party Like a Penguin event full of lots of penguin fun.  In January we are hosting our annual Cookie Kick Off where we normally do some parent training and girl crafts but this year we are mixing it up - we are offering training geared toward the girls - everything from making change to selling door to door and this we are calling Cookie College.  Now, I realize some of you will be selling cookies from the other cookie distributor, don't worry, I've got some giraffe themed things for you as well.  If you have an awesome cookie idea to share, please email me at and I will add your idea to the site (please include your name and your troop number so I can credit the idea back to you).