The Girl Scout Law for Selling Cookies


I will do my best to be...

HONEST when I start taking order on the first day of the Cookie Sales, and not before and FAIR when I share cookie booth time with my Girl Scout troop members,

FRIENDLY when I remember to say "please" and "thank you" to my customers, and HELPFUL when I can describe the different types of cookies,

CONSIDERATE and CARING to my Troop Leader and Cookie Chair for all the time and hard work they contribute to my Girl Scout experience,

COURAGEOUS and STRONG on cookie delivery day,

And RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT I SAY AND DO when I take care of my customer's orders and collect money,

And to RESPECT MYSELF AND OTHERS by being the best person I can be,

RESPECT AUTHORITY by following the rules, guidelines, and procedures,

USE RESOURCES WISELY when I recycle my cookie cartons,

MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE by using some of my troop's cookie proceeds for a service project,

And BE A SISTER TO EVERY GIRL SCOUT and remember that I enjoy Girl Scouts today because of all the women who came before me!