Troop Crest Ceremony

We gather today as Girl Scouts, sisters to all Girl Scouts around the world. Our Troop is only one of many around the world, but we share the same goals, as stated in the Girl Scout Promise.

(Recite the Girl Scout Promise here)

Like many troops before us, we are unique as each of our girls are individuals. Each girl is important to the Troop and is a vital part of our Troop spirit. This spirit is what ties us together - to each other and to Girl Scouts around the world. We share the same values, as spoken in the Girl Scout Law.

(Recite the Girl Scout Law here)

We, Troop #______, have chosen the ____________(insert Troop Crest selected).

We have chosen this because: (insert your own wording focused around the meaning of that particular crest and the "spirit" of your girls/troop.)

I now will present each girl with a troop crest to be proudly worn on her uniform. This will remind her of our Troop spirit.

Girls are encouraged to choose a crest based on the meaning to their troop.  Here are some traditional crest meanings to help your troop decide.  Also, remember that you can always opt for the blank crest and create your own.  You can also "adapt" these meanings and make them your own.  For instance, a few years ago I worked with a troop who choose the Falling Star crest, but inverted it and they were the Shooting Stars.

Bluebird-- symbol of happiness and cheerfulness.
Cardinal-- known for its song, good cheer and bright color. The cardinal is at home in the city or in the wild.
Clover Leaf-- traditional symbol of good luck. This is also the shape of the girl scout trefoil.
Daffodil-- spring flower and the symbol of sunny personality.
Dogwood-- new life, rebirth, a spring flowering tree.
Falling Star-- symbol of good luck--makes wishes come true.
Forget-Me-Not-- long standing symbol of friendship and loyalty.
Hawaiian Lei-- symbol of circle of friendship.
Lightning-- symbol of power in nature.
Lily of the Valley-- symbol of purity---in folk-lore, it is known as Fairy Bells.
Morning Glory-- symbol of awakening a new day.
Music Notes-- symbol of music and song.
Pine Tree-- symbol of boldness, loyalty, and stability.
Purple Pansy-- also known as "heart's ease"; stands for service and friendship.
Purple Violet-- symbolic today of a clean environment and a clean earth.
Red Rose-- all-American flower, symbol of beauty and love.
Sailboat-- symbol of freedom on the wind and adventurous journey.
Seashell-- a promise of discovery-a gift from the sea.
Star of Bethlehem-- a guide beacon that shows the way, a goal.
Unicorn-- symbol of magic, mystery, and purity.
Waterfall-- symbol of faith and loyalty and the quest for truth.
White Rose-- (It was also the symbol of the Royal House of Stuart; it stands for loyalty and challenge. It was also the crest of first troop in Savannah, Georgia.
Wild Rose-- symbol of perseverance and adaptability even in the face of adversity, beauty in strength, and exploring the possibilities.