Silver Award Ceremony

Silver Award
The GS Silver Award is the highest award that can be earned by a Cadette Girl Scout. To be eligible for this award you must complete certain requirements: You must complete at least three interest projects, or patches.

You must learn about career opportunities
You must develop and demonstrate your leadership skills,
both inside and outside of Girl Scouting.
You must complete the Cadette Girl Scout Challenge.
And, after you have done all this, you must plan and execute a Silver Award project of your own choosing.
The GS Silver Award is a visible sign of [..'s] commitment to and successful completion of her Cadette Girl Scouting experience. [..] now joins the ranks of tens of thousands of women and girls who have shown similar dedication to purpose.

[..'s] GS Silver Award is symbolic of HER interests and efforts in Girl Scouting.

By earning this award, [..] demonstrates that she is a person of character, capable of devoting herself to a worthy task. And she receives this award as much because of who she is and how she thinks, as because of what she knows.

By receiving this award, [..] becomes the latest to show that good intentions count for little until the application of ability and determination produce results.

And, who knows what influence this achievement of hers may have on future endeavors? Perhaps reflecting back on this experience will serve as inspiration for overcoming obstacles further along.

So, [..], may you ever be able to look back at your achievements as a Cadette Girl Scout, and find encouragement and hope at those times when you might otherwise falter or fail. Wear your GS uniform and the Silver Award on it today with pride and yet also with humility, thinking all those GS who have gone before you, and believing in the future you have yet to meet.

GS, GScouters, friends and relatives: I present to you [..], our council's latest recipient of the GS Silver Award!