Senior Girl Scout Bridging

Leader: In the Girl Scout Program we have goals for the ways in which we hope each girl will grow through her Girl Scout experience. We hope that she will:

4 girls each say one:
1. Have a deepening awareness of herself as a unique person.
2. Learn to get along with others with increasing skill, maturity, and satisfaction.
3. Develop values that give meaning and direction to her life.
4. Contribute to the betterment of her community through the use of her own talents and in cooperation with others.

Poem for 1--3 girls:
We are the present... and the future too.
We turned our eyes to you to point the way.
We learned to walk, ourselves, against the day
When you no longer lead us by the hand.

You taught us the meaning we need
For, soon, there will be those
Whom we must lead
In ways which you have shown.
And, having taught us,
Show us that you are not afraid for us to walk alone.

You taught us to reach for the stars.
To gather to ourselves the dreams
That beckoned once to you.
You taught us those things that we must know
To make your dream, our dream come true!

Leader: You've been Senior Girl Scouts and how you've matured.
You've learned, grown, and shared
And shown how much you truly care.
We will miss you, our sister Girl Scouts,
And hope you continue as Adult Girl Scouts.