Pearls and Wishes

3 candles
"pearl" or large bead for each participants
Poem(s) about pearls, wishes, friendships, GS (or whatever the ceremony is for)
A "wishing well"

The group stands in a horse shoe with the wishing well on a table in the front with candles in a holder on each side of the well.

The speaker(s) read the poem(s) and when the poem about the pearl is read, a pearl is presented to each participant.

The first candle is lit and the first girl can say something that ties in with the poems and/or the reason for the ceremony. After she has spoken, she passes the candle to the next girl and steps forward, makes a wish, and places her pearl in the wishing well.

After each girl has done this, the candle is taken to the well and the candles on each side are lit. The speaker talks about how the flame from the candle will carry the wishes up to the sky, and expresses a hope that they will all get their wish.

Sing a solemn song to end the ceremony.

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