Parent Law Ceremony

When I had used this, I gave each parent a copy of one law in an envelope, with a number on the envelope front. They were instructed to read the laws in order (#1 first, followed by #2...), and not to open the envelope until it was their turn. The laws and promise resulted in laughter and discussion afterwards. The girls loved seeing their parents repeat the Parent's promise. I also stressed that the law they read DID NOT reflect a message for that parent personally-they were for all parents, and were handed out randomly.

Leader: Girls please join me in the Girl Scout Promise
(lead promise with girls)

Parents, please repeat the Girl Scout Parent Promise after me-
On my honor, I will try,
To encourage and support my Girl Scout Daughter,
To obey the Girl Scout Parent Law.

Parents, would you please read the Girl Scout Parent's Law:

1. A Girl Scout Parent understands the true purpose of Girl Scouting.

2. A Girl Scout Parent gets their daughter to and from meetings on time.

3. A Girl Scout Parent knows a troop is a team effort.

4. A Girl Scout Parent sees the job through to the end.

5. A Girl Scout Parent sets a good example at all times.

6. A Girl Scout Parent is enthusiastic and cheerful.

7. A Girl Scout Parent does not consider the leader a baby sitter.

8. A Girl Scout Parent brings troop problems to the leader first.

9. A Girl Scout Parent always does his or her part willingly.

10. A Girl Scout Parent is aware that Girl Scouting is for all girls.