Junior Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony - Journey

Equipment: I. large sheet of poster board.
2. roots, stem, leaves, and daisy bud cut from colored paper and backed with tape.

#1 G.S.: Just as a root anchors a plant, so do Girl Scout Daisies provide the base for the Girl Scout program. Let these roots represent Daisy Girl Scouting...the beginning of the journey. (affix roots)

#2 G.S.: In Girl Scout Brownies, girls continue their development as Girl Scouts. This stem reminds us of that process. Just as a stem rises up to seek new heights, so do Girl Scout Brownies continue their adventure in Girl Scouting along with adults who help guide them in the right direction. (affix stem)

#3 G.S.: Just as leaves unfold and seek energy, so do Girl Scout Juniors encourage girls to emerge in a program where they can seek out new life-enriching adventures. (affix leaves)

LEADER: You are now ready to bridge to Girl Scout Cadettes. You will have the opportunity to create your own program. You will be challenged to follow the aMAZE journey and earn the Leader in Action award. As Girl Scout Cadettes, you will have the opportunity to earn, Interest Project Awards, charms, explore career options, hone your leadership skills, and participate in destinations. Some of you may choose to earn the Girl Scout Silver Award.

Our plant is not complete. It needs a bud. Girl Scout Cadettes are the buds of the plant. Through continued growth and development, you can become the blossom of Girl Scouting...Girl Scout Seniors. From those blossoms will come the seeds of our future, Girl Scout Ambassadors. Some day you could be a seed for the future of Girl Scouting. Let this bud represent the full potential of Girl Scouting in your life as a new Girl Scout Cadette. (affix bud)

(Girls repeat the Promise and are welcomed into Girl Scout Cadettes.)
Note: If the girls have completed the Bridging Award,
present it to them at this time.