Junior Girl Scout Bridging Ceremony

All are standing in horseshoe formations. All repeat the Girl Scout promise.

Leader: (a poem)

The trail of Scouting winds wide and long
From Brownies and Beanies and sit-upons
To campouts and Juniors and Badges to earn
So much to do, so much to learn
Then over the bridge and on the Cadettes
With memories and pleasures we'll never forget
Now (girl's names), Scouts tried and true
Cross over the bridge, we give them to you
A gift of a girl is a precious thing
Take care and great joy they will bring

Junior leader presents each girl with Bridge to Cadettes patch and a candle with a silk daisy attached.
Cadettes cross over the bridge. After all girl are in the horseshoe:

Leader: The daisy symbolizes your dedication to the Girl Scout Movement, which was started by our founder, Juliette Gordon Low, and began in our country on March 12, 1912. Juliette Low's nickname was Daisy. You are following in her footsteps as you become a unique and caring influence in today's and tomorrow's world.

Have on table - 1 candle for each world color (red, orange, yellow, blue, and purple) and a green candle representing Girl Scouting. Also, need one more white candle with a daisy.

Have Cadettes light appropriate candles and read the following scripts:

While lighting white candle w/daisy - (this candle is used to light all other colors) The light of Cadettes I share with you as you explore the Girl Scout World through Interest Projects, Service, Career Exploration, and leadership opportunities.

While lighting the red candle: The red candle stands for the World of Well-Being, which helps young women understand themselves, their values, needs, emotions, and strengths, while also being aware of what it takes to be physically fit.

While lighting the orange candle: The orange candle stands for the World of Today and Tomorrow, which lets a young woman look into the how's and whys of things, to solve problems and to recognize the ways their present interests can build toward future ones.

While lighting the yellow candle: The yellow candle stands for the World of the Out-of-Doors. Explorations in this world can help a young woman to enjoy and appreciate her natural environment and to take action to protect and preserve her world and environment.

While lighting the blue candle: The blue candle stands for the World of People. This world can help a young woman to build pride in her own heritage, while appreciating the uniqueness of each culture and the common theme of all peoples.

While lighting the purple candle: The purple candle stands for the World of the Arts. To develop a personal taste and appreciation for the many art forms and things of beauty in the world around them.

After each Color of the Worlds candle is lit, light the green candle saying: From the light of the Five Worlds, may your Girl Scout world ever grow

Then, each girl takes her white candle and lights it from the green one as the leader says:

From the Girl Scout Worlds, take your light into the world and let it shine forth with love and knowledge.

All girls return to horseshoe. Sing an appropriate song, such as "Girl Scouts Together" or "Whene'er You Make A Promise"