Juliette Low Ceremony

The founder of Girl Scouting in the United States, Juliette Low, is honored in all that Girl Scouts do, in the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund, in the growth of Girl Scouting, and in special ceremonies presented by individual Girl Scout groups. Here again the ceremonies vary, and by their variety and spirit reflect the qualities of the founder. The following is one type of ceremony in which Juliette Low may be honored. It may be used for presentation of Juliette Low World Friendship Fund moneys at a regular troop meeting or on Thinking Day (February 22nd) or on Juliette Low’s birthday (October 31st), following the ceremony with a birthday party including birthday cake, songs and games.
Place: Indoors or Out-of-Doors
Equipment: An American flag, a small table placed in center of room, two candles and candlesticks, flowers or leaves attractively arranged on table.
Participants: Two Girl Scout Masters of Ceremony, Leader, other troop members.

Order of Ceremony:
Girls form a horseshoe. When all are in place, the Color Guard enters, after which all salute the flag and the group sings a patriotic song. At the conclusion of the flag ceremony, the flag bearer posts the flag at the side of the table. The Color Guard takes its place in the horseshoe as the two Masters of Ceremony step forward to the right and left of the table.

First Girl Scout:
I light this candle for Juliette Low who started our Girl Scout organization _____ years ago. Even though we lost the personal presence of our founder in 1927, her spirit has led us constantly to greater growth and fellowship. Today there are over three million Girl Scouts in the United States. (lights candle)

Second Girl Scout:
Juliette Low’s heart’s desire was to bring love and understanding to all girls in every land. Her dream is coming true, for today Girl Scouts and Guides have members around the world. I light this candle to our Founder, Juliette Low, and all Girl Scouts and Guides the world over. (lights candle)

The girls then walk to the table one by one and put their contribution to the Juliette Low World Friendship Fund on the table or into a container. They return to the horseshoe formation.

First Girl Scout:
When you became a Girl Scout, you made a promise. Let us rededicate ourselves by repeating our Promise and singing “When’ere You Make A Promise.”