Daisy Investiture Ceremony

You Will Need: a table around which the investiture will take place
a garland with two daisies intertwined for each girl
a beginning certificate for each girl
a Daisy Girl Scout pin for each girl
Arrange the garland in a circle toward the outer edge of the table with the pins and certificates in the center.  Garland may be made from real or artificial leaves and vines or a paper chain.
Placement: Girls take their place at the table.  Parents take their places at the back of their daughter.
Leader: Where are the girls who want to be Daisy Girl Scouts?
Girls: Here we are!
Leader: You have agreed that you are ready to make a promise and receive your pin a Daisy Girl Scouts.  Let us make that promise together, "On my honor..." (Say Promise together)
Assistant: (Girl's name), You have been invested as a Daisy Girl Scout."  She pins girl, shakes her left hand and makes the sign with her right hand.  "And here is your certificate."  (And so on -- until all girls are invested.)
Leader "Now let's sing 'When'er You Make a Promise'."
Leader to Parents: Daisy Girl Scouts are named after the founder of Girl Scouting in the United States, Juliette Gordon Low, whose nickname was "Daisy".  She brought Girl Scouting to the United States from England.  The chain or garland of daisies is symbolic, too; for not only are we together as a troop, but we are linked together with girls throughout the free countries of the world in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.  Throughout the world, these girls make the same promise (in their own language) and give the same handshake of friendship.  Using the circle again as a symbol -- we want to widen the circle of knowledge and experience of our girls this year throughout the activities of their Daisy Girl Scout troop.  We need to know your expectations on how these circles should "grow" and ways in which you can help us widen them.  We would appreciate your suggestions, your participation, and you sharing your resources with us.  We want you to fell a part of our troop.  Girls, would you take a daisy and present it to your parent to help make them feel inked to our daisy chain?  As our closing, please join us in a friendship circle (explain) and afterwards for refreshments?
Girls move back into a larger circle -- admitting parents as part of the group.