Building the Girl Scout Pin

Traditional Ceremony

As each girl says her part, lighting a candle can be symbolic of the three parts of the Promise and the ten parts of the Law.

Girl 1: Our pin is symbolic of our fundamental beliefs. Beliefs which have not changed since our beginning, although methods change with the times. Beliefs which help each girl attain the highest development of which she is capable. This pin is in the shape of a trefoil, meaning three-fold, and reminds us of the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise.

All: "On my honor, I will try: To serve God and my country..."

Girl 2: We learn to find God in nature, to recognize spiritual values as more important than material ones, to seek the beautiful, and to see God in other people. Girl Scouts learn devotion to and seek pride in their country.

All: "On my honor, I will try: to help people at all times..."

Girl 3: In her consideration for others, a Girl Scout learns to give generous, selfless service. She comes to realize that service to others is an expression of dedication to people.

All: "On my honor, I will try: to live by the Girl Scout Law."

Girl 4: The Girl Scout Law is a guide for daily living - stated simply enough for a young girl to apply to her own life, profound enough to serve as a measuring post for adults. Think about the people you admire; what makes you admire them? Friendliness, dependability, enthusiasm to serve. These are the qualities that the Girl Scout Law helps us attain.

Girl 5: Tying together all parts of the Promise and serving as its foundation is the fact that we pledge on our honor to try. When we are discouraged, when we have made mistakes, our Promise reminds us that the best we can do is to keep on trying with a sincere effort. We do more than believe in our Promise, we try to live by it. Our pin is symbolic of our Promise, and we are here to explain the parts of our pin tonight.

Girl 6: The eagle is a bird of great endurance and strength. It is used on the Great Seal of the United States to represent power and strength. We wear it on our pin because we are chartered by the Congress of the United States.

Girl 7: The Shield represents protection. In the design of the Great Shield of the United States, it rests only on the eagle to show that we are a self-sufficient government. One of our aims in Girl Scouting is to become self-reliant citizens.

Girl 8: In the right talon of the eagle is an olive branch representing peace. To show that we are a peace loving nation, the eagle's head faces the olive branch. Girl Scouting is similarly a peace-time movement.

Girl 9: However, the arrows show preparedness to fight for our ideals. As Girl Scouts, we prepare ourselves to cope with every situation and emergency.

Girl 10: On the scroll are the words "E Pluribus Unum," meaning one from many. There are many states but one nation. In the United States we have three million in Girl Scouting. Each one is an individual personality, each one has her own place, but we are working in one organization toward one goal according to the ideals that we have in common.

Girl 11: The G.S. on the pin stands for Girl Scout. It means many different things to many different people. All of us have to decide what it means to us - new friends we have made, things we have learned, understandings about people we have gained, experiences we could have not have had except as a Girl Scout. The list is almost as endless as the number of people in the organization.

Girl 12: There is a destiny that makes us brothers
None goes his way alone
All that we send into the lives of others
Comes back into our own

Girl 13: Three candles lighted here represent the three parts of the Girl Scout Promise. Ten candles lighted here represent the ten parts of the Girl Scout Law. All rise and join us in singing "Girl Scouts Together".