Build a Girl Scout House

While this is more of a long-term project than a true ceremony, it is a wonderful idea that younger scouts are sure to enjoy.

As your troop goes through the year, the girls can build a "program house" as a way of showing what they have done and how well rounded their troop program is. Use any sturdy paper as a background and begin with a basic house. Add the symbols listed below as your troop does the appropriate activities.

MAILBOX - the way to identify your troop is by troop number, so put your troop number on the mailbox and put it in the yard.

TULIPS - plant a tulip in the yard for each girl in the troop.

WINDOWS - let light shine throughout the house. Install five windows, one at a time, for each of the five Worlds of Girl Scouting, as your troop completes and activity in the World.

DOOR - add a door to your house if your troop uses an organized system of troop government. (Brownie Ring, Patrols, etc.)

CHIMNEY - keep everything from going up in smoke by adding a chimney if your troop uses a budget.

DOORSTEP - when your troop does a service project, add a doorstep to your house.

PATH - build a path to the community by doing and on-going service project.

BUSH - plant a bush in the yard when your troop participates in an outdoor activity, such as a hike, cook-out or camping trip.

TREE - a shade tree will grow in your yard when you do an environmental/ecological activity.

SUN - put the sun in the sky to brighten your day when your troop sells Girl Scout calendars and/or cookies.

FENCE - erect a section of fence for each sister troop activity you participate in (excluding fly-up and bridging ceremonies.

SHUTTERS - install shutters on each window to add beauty to your house when your troop participates in a "wider than troop" opportunity such as a fun day, service unit camping trip, etc. (excluding sister troop activities.)

OPEN GATE - build an open gate if your troop has a joint activity with a troop whose ethnic, racial or religious makeup is different from your troops.

DAISIES - plant daisies along the front of your house to show that your troop has participated in a traditional Girl Scout activity like Thinking Day, Girl Scout Week, Juliette Gordon Low's birthday, Investiture or rededication.

WOODPILE - to keep the home fire burning, put a woodpile beside your house if the majority of parents contribute active support to the troop in someway.