Troop Equipment Checklist

This is a suggested list of items.  Other items may be included if need be.

First aid kit
Battery powered radio (for weather info)

Permission forms and medical history of all girls

Roster of campers for ranger
Tents (and hammers if needed)

-plastic to cover firewood   -matches   -firestarters   -rake    -hoe   -shovel   -hand saw    -water buckets   -charcoal


-insect repellent   -toilet tissue   -paper towels   -tissues  -trash bag   -sanitary supplies   -dishcloth/towels   -foil
-baggies   -plastic wrap   -liquid detergent   -scouring pads -bleach   -clothesline   -cleanser

Cooking Equipment

-hot pads   -cooking pans   -skillet/griddle   -coffee pot   -measuring cups  -measuring spoons   -water cans   -tongs
-potato peeler   -long handled fork, spoon, spatula  -can opener   -ice chest   -mixing bowls   -knives   -napkins
-plastic containers   -pitcher   -Dutch oven


-lanterns (butane only)   -fuel   -extra flashlights and batteries