Troop Camping Tips for Leaders

The Secret is Planning and More Planning

Girls and Leaders Plan Together:
Simple menus requiring little preparation. limited cooking-
Things to do: (leaders should plan extra activities for slack times). A theme for overnight helps.
Kaper Charts - job to be done. how to organize/divide group.
Equipment needed, including personal care items.
Health and safety procedures (i.e. buddy system, fire safety).

Practice Makes Perfect and Prepares Everyone for the New Experience:
Learn - and practice the 8 basic camping skills.
Take several short hikes, have several cookouts before the trip.
Make fire starters, waterproof matches, sit-upons, and other equipment at troop meeting (to use on trip).

Hints About Activities:
Have plenty to do, but don't cram too much in. Let girls enjoy what they are doing. Leave time for just running and playing, and discovering.
Avoid spending too much time cleaning.
Make the first night fun and educational – not just another slumber party.

Secrets to Success:
Choose a site with some “comforts of home” for the first trip – main house, troop house, cabin unit. (a real kitchen, electric lights flush toilet will help a lot!)
Leaders visit site in advance of trip
Take extra adults – more than the one to six ratio.
Ask a Senior or Cadette Girl Scout to go along to help with songs, games and camping skills.
Before it gets dark, acquaint girls with camp site, have a fire drill, talk about "night' noises.
Make sure girls get lots of sleep and rest; without it they're miserable and so are you!
Plan a simple, no cook breakfast.