Earning IPs

You have many options for what you do in Girl Scouts. You could develop a business plan in a STUDIO 2B Focus book one day and find your own way out of the woods with a compass the next.

Continue to choose and use the resources you're interested in—from your current handbook and the Interest Projects for Girls 11-17 book to the STUDIO 2B Collection series and Focus books.

The most important thing is that YOU choose the Girl Scout resources and activities that will support you on your journey toward becoming a conscientious, courageous, and confident young woman.

Of course you can continue to earn IPs as designed in the Interest Projects for Girls 11-17 book; however, you can choose to complete them in a manner similar to the one used in these IPs instead:

  • Do two "Skill Builders" activities of your choice.
  • Do two activities of your choice from the four categories (selected activities can't be from the same category).
  • Design and do one goal of your own (must be a SMART goal).
  • Prepare a short REFLECTION describing what part(s) of the Promise and Law relates to what you did while earning the IP.