Earning Discontinued Badges

The ultimate goal of any Girl Scout group should not be to earn the most badges possible, but to "learn something" from each badge they earn and to have fun earning them.  It is also important to remember that not all badges started will be completed, and that's ok.  The badges listed here are found in previous editions of the Badge Book, which has now been discontinued by GSUSA.  The purpose of listing the badge requirements here is so that girls and leaders have access to the materials needed to earn badges when they can find them.

Girl Scout Basics
   Girl Scouting Around the World
   Girl Scouting in My Future
   Girl Scouting in the USA
   The Cookie Connection
Adventures in Girl Scouting
   Global Awareness
   Humans and Habitats
   Lead On
   Model Citizen
   Money Sense
   On My Way
   World Neighbors
It's Great to Be a Girl
   Becoming a Teen
   Being My Best
   Consumer Power
   It's Important to Me
   Looking Your Best

Family and Friends
   Across Generations
   Caring for Children
   Celebrating People
   Healthy Relationships
   Local Lore
   My Community
   My Heritage
   Pet Care
How to Stay Safe
   Care Care
   The Choice is Yours
   First Aid
   High on Life
   Safety First!
Be Healthy, Be Fit
   Adventure Sports
   Court Sports
   Environmental Health
   Field Sports
   Food Power
   Fun and Fit
   A Healthier You
   Highway to Health
   Sports Sampler
   Stress Less
   Walking for Fitness
   Winter Sports
Let's Get Outdoors
   Camp Together
   Earth Connections
   Finding Your Way
   Frosty Fun
   Horse Fan
   Horse Rider
   Outdoor Cook
   Outdoor Creativity
   Outdoor Fun
   Outdoors in the City
   Plants and Animals
   Small Craft
   Water Fun
   Your Outdoor Surroundings
Create and Invent
   Art in the Home
   Art in 3-D
   Art to Wear
   Camera Shots
   Ceramics and Clay
   "Collecting" Hobbies
   Creative Solutions
   Discovering Technology
   "Doing" Hobbies
   Drawing and Painting
   Folk Arts
   "Making" Hobbies
   Math Whiz
   Ms. Fix It
   Prints and Graphics
   Sew Simple
   Visual Arts
   Write All About It
   Yarn and Fabric Arts
Explore and Discover
   Computer Fun
   Let's Get Cooking
   Making It Matter
   Making Music
   Music Fan
   Oil Up
   Rocks Rock
   Science Discovery
   Science in Everyday Life
   Science Sleuth
   Sky Search
   Water Wonders
   Weather Watch
Online Badges - All links to GSUSA site
   Computer Fun
   Cookie Biz Badge
   CyberGirl Scout
   Family Living Skills
   Food, Fibers, and Farming
   Now & Then Stories from Around the World
   Ready for Tomorrow
   Science in Action
   United We Stand
   Women's Stories
   The World in My Community