Sample Year Planner

Every troop has their own order for earning Learning Petals, this is just a suggestion to help you plan your Daisy year.  Notice that this planner begins in October, this is when the Girl Scout year officially starts and since Daisy troops are new troops this gives the leader (or service team) time for recruitments.  It is highly recommended that you also hold a parent's meeting before meetings begin, too.  This planner is based on weekly meetings, lasting about an hour.  With the new two year program, you can interupt this planner at any point and complete a journey.

September   Troop Recruitment
Parent's Meeting


1 Getting to Know You Meeting
Girls learn basics of scouting
Activity Book page 3
  2 Promise Center: pg 10-11 in Activity Book
  3 Activity Book pg 4-5
  4 Celebrate Juliette Low's Birthday
Activity Book pages 16-17
November 1 Friendly and Helpful
Introduce Kapers
Make Helping Hands
  2 Thanksgiving Activities
Plan ceremony
  3 No Meeting - Thanksgiving Week
  4 Investiture Ceremony
December 1 Considerate and Caring
Introduce Service Projects
Secret Pals - Gift Exchange Plans
  2 December Holidays Party
Exchange Secret Pal Gifts
Make plans to visit a nursing home over winter break
  3 No Meeting - Winter Break
  4 No Meeting - Winter Break
January 1 Honest and Fair
Game Night! - discuss playing fair
  2 Activity book pg 6-7
  3 Respect Authority
Visit a police station or have an officer visit your meeting
  4 Make thank you cards for the station/officer that you visited (This can also be counted for Considerate and Caring if your troop is not able to do activities during winter break.)
February 1 Be a Sister to Every Girl Scout
Learn about Daisies in another country
Consider having pen pals with another troop
  2 Valentine's Day Activities
  3 Continue learning about your country
Make Thinking Day plans
Activity Book pg 18-19
  4 Celebrate Thinking Day
Courageous and Strong
Have an International tasting and allow girls to try new foods from other countries
March 1 Responsible for What I Say and Do
Complete the Rainbow Fish activity
  2 Celebrate Girl Scout Week
Activity book pg 12-13
  3 St. Patrick's Day Activities
  4 Respect Myself and Others
Activity Book pg 20-22
April 1 Use Resources Wisely
Learn about recycling
Have a Recycling Relay
  2 Make recycling stations
Earth Day Activities
  3 Paint flower pots to use next week
  4 Make the World a Better Place
Plant flowers in pots for Mother's Day
May 1 Have a Brownie troop visit
Bridging Steps 1-3
  2 Plan End of Year Ceremony
Bridging Step 4
  3 Bridging Ceremony
June   Daisy Day at Camp (check with your council)
July   Troop Fun Day - have an outdoor fun day at the park or a leader's home
August   Get ready for a new scouting year!