Earning Petals on the Go

Few Daisy troops start out with a lot of money to spare, so short field trips make excellent meeting ideas.  Most of the trips listed here are intended to fill one regular meeting session, but depending on how far your troop has to travel, you may need to schedule in an extra allotment of time.  Don't forget to make sure you have enough adults for your outing as well, the numbers come close to doubling compared to a regular meeting (you can find the exact numbers in Safetywise).

 Visit the local police department

 Visit the local fire department

 Schedule a visit from an EMT & ambulance

 Visit a local recycling center

Visit a park and pick up trash and then play in the clean area

 Visit a garden nursery and learn about care and planting of flowers; take a few to plant at your meeting place

 Visit a local nursing home and sing Christmas carols

Visit a Martial Arts studio (or have a trainer come to you)
Visit a Gymnastics or Dance Studio and arrange for your girls to have a basic "lesson"

 Visit an older sister troop or council Thinking Day Event

 Visit a pumpkin patch or apple orchard, the girls only pick a certain number of each