Daisy Games

These simple games require little or no extra supplies and make great "back pocket" ideas (ideas you pull out of nowhere when the girls really need something new to do.)  J

Daisy to Daisy
Have the girls pair off and face each other. Then call out different body parts (elbow, head, hand, etc.) Have them touch each other - elbow to elbow, head to head, and so on. Once they get the hang of it, you can speed it up to make it more exciting.

Catch a Daisy
(You should have the girls play this game on grass since they tend to fall)
Have the girls get into a line, holding each other tightly around the waist. Tell the first girl in the line to try to touch the last girl. Tell the last girl to try to keep from getting touched. Let them know that they have to do this while staying in the line. Change the leader after they are successful.

Ball Toss Name Game
Stand in a circle. Have each person say her name and have the group repeat her name. Start the game by tossing a bean bag, Kooschball, or Nerf Ball to one person in the group, saying her name as you throw the ball. That person then calls out the name of someone else in the group and tosses the ball to her. Continue playing until all the girls know each other's names.

(Like Duck Duck Goose!)

Sleeping Beauty
Everyone must sit or lay down with eyes closed and be as still and quiet as possible. One person is Prince Charming. The Prince checks all the Beauties to see who is the quietest and stillest and pats
that Beauty on the shoulder. They trade places and the new Prince tries to find a new Beauty to trade with. A nice, QUIET game - great to wind them down when they've gotten too wound up!