New Cadette aMAZE Journey
Starting in the Fall of 2008


Through the aMAZE journey girls will learn tips and strategies for developing healthy relationships.

There will be eight sessions in this journey - First Impressions in the Maze, Navigating with Friends, Twists & Turns, Cliques and Conflicts, Caution: Bullies Straight Ahead, Relating like Leaders, Improving Relationships in the World, Toward Peace: Take Action and Pass it Forward.


Girls navigate the twists and turns of relationship and use quizzes and team games to explore friendship dramas, first impressions and coping with bullies

  • After resolving these "obstacles" girls travel onward by creating a Take Action project that allows them to share their relationship savvy with others.

  • Before girls exit the maze, they see themselves as peacemakers - advancing peaceful interactions - one relationship at a time.

  • Girls earn three awards as they travel through the maze:

    • Interact Award - signifies that girls can advance peace in the world around them one interaction at a time. Girls will use an Interact Challenge Chart

    • Diplomat Award - girls will choose and plan a project using the seven steps towards taking action.

    • Peacemaker Award - girls are asked to collect "tools" they can use and pass on to others.