Girl Scout Ways


Brownie Story Skit
Materials Needed
copies of Brownie Story Skit (in MS Word format)

A unique way to tell the Brownie story; you will need 4 adults (preferably at least one male) to read parts and the girl s interact throughout the story.

Girl Scout Word Search
Materials Needed
copies of Girl Scout Word Search

Even young Brownies can work together to complete this opening activity.
idea courtesy of troop 156

Girl Scout Crossword
Materials Needed
copies of Girl Scout Crossword

Better for older Brownies or by working as a troop while leader fills in blanks.
idea courtesy of troop 156

Brownie Mad Lib
Materials Needed
copies of Brownie Story Mad Lib (in MS Word format)

Girls play like any mad lib, fill in blanks before reading the story and see what they come up with.  This is a good activity for older Brownies who already know the Brownie story and won't be confused by the funny fill ins.


Mini Me Girl Scout
Materials Needed
copies of girl bases (1 for every 2 girls)
copies of
Brownie clothes & hair (1 for each girl)
crayons, markers, etc.
glue sticks

Print girl bases on flesh colored or white card stock.  Print clothes & hair on paper (more hair options are available at Making Friends).  Let girls color their clothes, picking a vest or a sash depending on their personal choice.  Cut out pieces and glue onto body base (use pantyhose for socks with the pants, they are much easier to glue on than the tiny socks).  Once the girls have their Mini Me made, they can be added to the front of their folders or envelope cubbies or can decorate your meeting place for the Investiture ceremony.  If you are placing them onto a folder or envelope; it's a good idea to cover with clear contact paper or have them laminated.
dolls and clothing courtesy of Making Friends

Promise Posters
Materials Needed

copies of
Promise Trefoil
green construction paper
flesh colored construction paper
glue stick

Have girls trace their hands on construction paper and cut them out, making sure each finger is separate.  Print copies of the promise trefoil on green construction paper with the paper set at landscape (laying on its side) with room for the hands next too the trefoils.  Girls glue their cut out hands to the paper next to the trefoil folding down their thumb and pinkie finger to make the Girl Scout sign.  Once completed these can either decorate the girls' scrapbooks or be sent home as a way to help the girls practice the Girl Scout Promise.

Make a Sit-upon
Materials Needed
vinyl cloth-backed tablecloth 54x90 (makes 9)

hole punch
pinking shears
leather lacing (could also use yarn)

Pre-cut the tablecloth into nine sections according to the picture at right using pinking shears along the gray lines shown in the picture. Use the extra fabric to make mini sit-upons for swaps.  Each section will be 15" x 30".  Fold each section in half so that you have a 15x15" sit-upon. Stuff folded newspapers or cotton batting inside, or use squares of donated carpet padding that you have precut to 13"x13" sections.  Use a hole punch to punch holes about every inch all the way around about a half inch from the edge. Depending on the age and abilities of the girls, you can have them punch the holes, or you can help them. Use leather lacing or yarn to sew around. Girls can use an overlay stitch or a straight stitch if they prefer. You may need to put a piece of tape on the end of your yarn to make it easier to insert through the holes.  Once girls make it all the way around the sit-upon have them leave a large loop of lacing before tying back on the original knot (where they started sewing).  This makes a handy strap for carrying your sit-upon on hikes and at camp.

diagram courtesy of
Mom's Minivan

Brownie Pin Wheel
Materials Needed
copies of Brownie Pinwheel Sheet
crayons, markers, etc.
straight pins
masking tape
pencils with new erasers

All instructions are included on the printable page.  We decorated our pinwheels before cutting them out.  You could also let girls color them and then laminate for a longer lasting pinwheel.
idea courtesy of troop 371 from Michigan City, IN

Girl Scout Bead Doll
Materials Needed
1 green pipe cleaners
safety pin
flower shaped bead
head bead
heart shaped bead
4 beige beads,
4 light blue beads
4 teal beads
3 royal blue beads
3 white beads

1. Fold pipe cleaner in half. Slip the pin into the fold.
2. Slip up the flower shaped bead. The flower bead represents the leader.
3. The head bead is slipped on under the flower bead. It represents Lord Baden-Powell and the wonderful idea he had to create the scouting movement.
4. Wrap the smaller pipe cleaner firmly around the other pipe cleaner, below the head.
5. Insert a heart shaped bead over the two pipe cleaner pieces that hold the head. The heart represents the heart of Girl Scouting, which is the Promise and Law that
all Girl Scouts make.
6. Take 4 beige beads and slip two of them on each arm pipe cleaner. These beads represent Brownies.
7. Take 4 light blue beads and slip two of them onto each arm. Twist the ends of the arms into hands. The light blue beads represent Daisies. There are now 10
beads to represent the 10 parts of the Girl Scout Law.
8. Add 4 teal beads, two to each leg. These beads represent Junior Girl Scouts.
9. Add 3 royal blue beads to one leg. These beads represent Cadette Girl Scouts. Twist the end of the leg into a foot.
10. Add 3 white beads to the other leg. These beads represent Senior Girl Scouts. Twist the end of the leg into a foot.

idea courtesy of scouting links newsletter


Brownie Bingo -- an at home activity
Materials Needed

copies of Brownie Bingo Sheet

All instructions are included on the printable page.  Girls mark each item they do at home and parents sign sheets.  Once girls bring them back in give them a prize, they are all winners.  We used Brownie pencils and stickers for our prizes, the girls loved them!
idea courtesy of Peacepipe Council, MN


The Girl Scout Law
(to the tune of "Home on the Range")
I will do-oo my best
(Oh give me a home)
to be Honest and Fair,
(where the buffalo roam)
Friendly and He-e-elpful.
(and the deer and the antelope play)
Considerate and Caring
(Where seldom is heard)
Courageous and Strong
(a discouraging word)
And responsible for what I say and do.
(and the skies are not cloudy all day.)

and to Respect myself and others
(Home, home on the range)
Respect author-i-teee (yee hah!)
(where the deer and the antelope play -- yee hah!)
Use Resources wisely,
(where seldom is heard)
Make the world a better place
(a discouraging word)
and be a sister to every Girl Scout! (and the skies are not cloudy all day)

idea courtesy of Scouting Links newsletter



No Cook S'mores
Materials Needed
graham crackers
marshmallow fluff
chocolate frosting
plastic spoons

Pass out two graham crackers to each girl (we prebroke ours to keep mess down a little).  Have one adult go around the room and give each girl a spoonful of the frosting while another passes out the fluff.  We used a new spoon for each girl, that stuff really sticks and it's just a lot easier.  Girls can spread the frosting and fluff onto their crackers and enjoy.  Just a note: Use a level spoon of each, too much and you have very sticky girls!

Astronaut S'mores
Materials Needed
graham cracker pieces
mini marshmallows
mini chocolate chips
snack sized zip top baggies

Add a bit of each ingredient to a baggie for each girl (they can spoon things into their bags).  Shake to mix and then sip of a small corner and let them squoosh out the mixture.  You can also use marshmallow fluff, but it's a lot messier.

S'mores GORP
Materials Needed
honey graham cereal
chocolate candy covered pieces (M&Ms)
mini marshmallows
granola cereal

In our troop GORP is anything we can take with us to when we go on a trip.  Mix the cereals, candy and marshmallows in baggies and you are ready to head out!  You can also add your favorite GORP things to this like dried fruit, nuts or other cereals.

Field Trips