Suggested Try It Earning Order

Every troop has their own order for earning Try Its, but I have seen several new leaders search for a basic outline of what Try Its to earn which year.  Keep in mind, this is only a suggestion and letting the girls pick which Try Its they find interesting is a good idea.  Your troop may not complete every Try It available - that's perfectly fine.  The list given assumes girls are in the program for the full 3 years.  Some Try Its, such as Girl Scout Ways, should be earned by all girls new to the program, regardless of what grade they are in.

1st Grade/1st Year:
Brownie GS Around the World
Cookies Count
GS Ways
Safety Sense
Sports and Games
Caring and Sharing
Puppets, Dolls and Plays
Travel Right
Colors and Shapes
Ready, Set, Go Camping
Science Wonders
Watching Wildlife
Making Music
Playing Around the World
Sounds of Music

2nd Grade/2nd Year:
Art to Wear
Eat Right, Stay Healthy
Make It, Eat It
Me and My Shadow
My Body
All in the Family
Friends Are Fun
Letís Pretend
People Are Talking
Working It Out
Earth and Sky
Math Fun
Numbers and Shapes
Outdoor Adventurer
Water Everywhere
Around the World
People of the World
Point, Click and Go
Smart Cookie *
3rd Grade/3rd Year:
Brownie GS Through the Years
Healthy Habits
Penny Power
Write Away
Stitch It Together
Building Art
Earth Is Our Home
Her Story
Science In Action
Space Explorer
Citizen Near and Far
Computer Smarts
Creative Composing
Listening to the Past
Wave the Flag *

*available only online